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Fit For Manhood

Jack Coulson
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What is stopping you from becoming the strongest, healthiest and best version of yourself?

The answer is likely twofold:

  1. Yourself.

  2. Not having accountability and a group of like minded men to help you.

That's where Fit For Manhood comes in.

A place where men can gather and support each other to become the strongest, healthiest and fittest version of themselves….without being shamed for it.

Every week I receive emails from men that go something like this:

“Jack, I’m fat, weak, out of shape, lacking confidence and ashamed about how far I’ve let myself go. I’m embarrassed but feel trapped. Have you got a plan that can help me?”

I get it. I hear where you’re coming from because I’ve been there.

But you know what’s the worst part?

It’s not JUST that you’re falling behind physically, mentally and spiritually...

The worst part is when you start taking action to unfat yourself, improve your life and rebuild your self-confidence…

Society will shame you for being “toxically masculine.”

It’s no wonder why men are falling behind.

You see..

One of the biggest problems men face when trying to transform their life is a lack of accountability and brotherhood.

They don’t have the support and encouragement they need to keep pushing forward.

I see it over and over again both with my clients and my friends and family.

No one encourages them. No one offers support. No one gives them some tough love when they need to hear it.

Sometimes this means the transformation doesn’t get completed. And often it doesn’t even start.

And so nothing happens.

❌You don’t lose the stubborn body fat around your belly.

❌You don’t start setting a better example for your kids.

❌You don’t take a risk that could pay huge dividends.

❌You don’t start that business you've always wanted to.

❌You don't develop a more robust, resilient disciplined mindset.

❌You don’t finally conquer the elusive pull-up.

❌You don’t build a strong, lean physique.

❌You don't build your confidence.

❌You don’t look better naked.

This is why I started Fit for Manhood.

I wanted to create a place where men who are committed to bettering himself can band together with like-minded warriors and rise up together.

A brotherhood of men who are ANGRY about their lack of progress.

A brotherhood of men who care about their health.

A brotherhood of men who are sick and tired of being shamed by society for wanting to be the best versions of themselves.

A brotherhood of men who share failures and victories, ups and downs, and have zero filters about speaking what’s on their mind.

A brotherhood of men that have the courage to say enough is enough.

When will you say “enough is enough”?

I am sick and tired of living in a society that shames men for wanting to be better.

And quite frankly, I no longer give a fuck about what they have to say.

This is NOT a “community”, a “forum” or a “fitness group.”

This is a brotherhood of like-minded men….

A band of brothers with one single purpose in mind:

To become the best version of yourself.



And yes


We are going to get your mind right, strengthen your body, develop healthy habits, get you on the path to quitting your vices and turn your life around.

Who is the group not for?

Do not join this group if you:

  • Aren't ready to put in some hard work to transform who you are

  • Get offended easily and want political correctness

    What you get when you join Fit for Manhood

  • Monthly physical and mental challenges so you develop healthier routines

  • Daily accountability check ins to help you stay consistent and on track with your goals so that you become the strongest, healthiest version of yourself possible

  • Weekly group calls to check in, support, and ensure you don’t stray from the mission - these are a game changer for keeping yourself consistent and accountable (these calls are recorded so if you can't make them, you will still get access)

  • A 24/7 Telegram group chat when you can communicate with your fellow brothers whenever you need to for support and guidance

  • Approved reading and resources to help you develop into a strong, capable and confident man

  • Access to myself every day to answer your questions and draw from my 12 years of coaching experience

  • Free Access to my entire collection of elite fat loss and muscle building training programs based on my 12 years of coaching experience (Value $250+)

  • New cutting edge fat loss and muscle building programs delivered directly to your inbox every month so you never have to guess what you should be doing

  • Yearly meet ups that are exclusive to members.

Read and see for yourself how other men are using Fit for Manhood to transform their lives…

This is what Ryan has to say about Fit For Manhood...

And Scott...

And if you want some visual proof of changes that men have made working with me...

Tyler went from being a father who was skinny-fat, weak and constantly tired to ripped, strong and full of energy...

Chris used the principles in my programs to lose 29 pounds and go from 0-8 pull ups in just 12 weeks...

Garrett has lost over 40 pounds and completely transformed his mindset by taking control of his health and fitness...

Colton gained serious amounts of lean muscle and got his abs popping using my step by step programs...

Razvan got jacked and shredded using my Bodyweight Jacked program and with support and accountability from the group. Training just 3 x a week and with NO gym.


Is this course online based?

Yes, everything is online.

Do I need access to a gym?

No. The challenges and workouts can be done with no equipment. But gym based stuff will be provided too.

What format is the group delivered on?

Telegram will be used for the group. Zoom will be used for the meetings. Everything else will be sent to you via email.

Do I have to contribute to the group?

Yes. You do. You need to hold yourself accountable by contributing to the group and will be expected to do so.

BUT bear in mind, the more you contribute, the more you’ll get out of it...

Does this program cover diet guidelines?

Yes. It outlines my “man diet” strategies that will help you lose fat and build muscle quickly and efficiently.

Will you cover mindset and mentality?

Yes. Mental and mindset coaching will be a huge part of the 5 days and you will come away feeling ready to take on the world.

What if I can't make all the Zoom meetings?

As much as I will encourage you to be present, the meetings will be recorded for you to listen to when you can.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. You are free to leave whenever you want.


So if you're ready to transform your life and become the best man you can be, we are ready to welcome you.

Join us today.


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Fit For Manhood

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