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90 Day Warrior Monk Transformation

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Men are weaker and fatter than ever before.

And the worst part? It’s not even their fault.

The modern world is riddled with temptation. Comfort and cheap dopamine wait eagerly around every corner for the chance to make you docile and weak.

It’s a tragedy.

Men are strong and powerful creatures by nature. Our default setting is massive amounts of energy and a burning fire drive to build and accomplish great feats in the world.

Now it’s time to get back to that. 

Time to shut out the noise and fight back against the external forces that would keep you inside, glued to a TV. 

Enter The Warrior Monk Program

The Warrior Monk is a 90-day physical and mental re-calibration program – an exact roadmap to becoming a man who is truly competent.

A man capable of taking care of his people, who takes ​consistent daily action and employs the powerful forces of discipline and momentum to achieve his most ambitious goals with ease.

Everything you need to become that man is contained within.

Included inside…

  • 3-6 day Warrior workout programs adaptable to YOUR lifestylepage 34
  • Bodyweight AND gym-based programs (choose your preference)page 32 
  • The Warrior Monk nutrition protocol designed to accelerate fat loss and build lean muscle without being hyper-restrictivepage 17
  • My simple but highly effective intermittent fasting routine for rapid fat loss and improved mental staminapage 19
  • Secrets of the Warrior Monk Mindset: the key to keeping your results long termpage 15
  • A no-bullshit guide to effortless consistency (90 days and beyond)page 14
  • The 10 Warrior Monk Habits revealed (+ how I incorporate them into my life)page 7
  • 8 uncommon ways to increase REM and DEEP sleep immediately (+ my personal evening ritual)page 12
  • The Warrior Monk’s “secret weapon” for enhanced nutritional awareness page 29
  • The ONLY form of cardio I recommend doing (+ when & for how long)page 44

… You’ll find all that and more inside.

This program is the culmination of my 12 years experience as a trainer and 3 years experience building a successful online business. It fuses lessons I’ve learned from the darkest moments of my life together with lessons I picked up in times of great victory and triumph. 

It’s everything you need and more to become the best possible version of yourself.

With clear, precise instructions you’ll know exactly what you need to do to begin, how to progress and ultimately how to continue improving months and years into the future. 

So, if you’ve ever sat back and wondered “what am I truly capable of?” this is your chance to find out.

After 90 days of consistent and intentional action, you’ll be as close to your ideal self as you’ve ever been.

Like Tyler, who began the program skinny-fat, weak and yawning all-day long… and ended the 90 days ripped, strong and full of energy from sunrise to sunset (he’s also proud to be setting a strong example for his young daughter)...

Or Chris, who used the secrets contained within the Warrior Monk Transformation to go from not being able to do a single pull-up to sets of 10… and from overweight to losing 27lbs… 

Or Ahmed, who went from skinny fat (seeing a pattern here?) and afraid to take his shirt off, to fit and strong with a renewed sense of confidence.

Now it’s your turn.

What will be your greatest victory after the 90 days?

Is it losing 30lbs+?

Packing on muscle in all the right places? 

Having the energy and focus to make every hour of your day count?

Only you know. 

What do you need for this program to work?

All you need is your bodyweight and the desire to change – everything else is inside.

Now strike while the iron is hot.

Don’t waste another minute.

Begin your Warrior Monk Transformation today.

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90 Day Warrior Monk Transformation

19 ratings
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