15 Minute Fat Loss

Jack Coulson
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Are you ready for rapid fat loss?

15 minutes. 3-4 x a week.

That's all this program requires for you to start melting fat in time for summer. 

What’s inside?

  • The 6 key success factors – page 4
  • Two unusual but hyper-effective training methods for accelerated fat loss – page 8
  • 15-minute cardio protocol (take your pick of 4 options) – page 11
  • The most underrated health and fat loss tool at your disposal [REVEALED] – page 15
  • In-depth 15 minute workout programs for EVERY equipment level (bodyweight-only, dumbbell-only and gym-based) – page 17
  • My exact “Diet Template” – page 40
  • Nutrition strategies for faster fat loss – page 44
  • 6 secrets of hunger management – page 49

Everything you need to lose 15-20lbs without hitting a plateau is contained within.

No more "I haven't got time".

No more "I don't know what to do".

You put aside 60 minutes a week, follow the plan and in 12 weeks you'll look and feel like a million bucks.

More confidence, more aesthetic physique, less belly fat, improved energy levels, stronger libido and increased testosterone.

All of these things await you IF you decide to commit.

Get started today.


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15 Minute Fat Loss

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