30 Delicious and Healthy Vegetarian Fat Loss Recipes

Jack Coulson
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You DON'T have to eat boring, bland vegetarian food to lose fat and get in great shape....

You may have heard the expression: "Abs are made in the kitchen."

There's a big element of truth there.

We all have abs. The problem for most people is that it's hiding under a layer of fat.

The key to losing fat? Getting your diet in check.

The easiest way to get your diet in check? Learn to cook delicious and healthy tasting food that you LOVE to eat.

But what if you don’t know much about good nutrition? What if you can barely cook? What if you don’t have a clue about calories or the protein, carbs, and fat in your meals?

No need to worry.

This vegetarian recipe book serves up 30 delicious, high protein recipes that are simple to make - and ridiculously tasty.

These nutrient-packed recipes make eating healthy easy and prove that you don’t have to eat boring, bland food to get in great shape.

This is not just a standard health and fitness cookbook. Inside you'll find:

- Video demonstrations of every meal that show you step by step follow along instructions

- Complete calorie breakdown of every meal (including fats, carbs, and protein) so you know exactly what you're consuming

- Every recipe also comes with a barcode that you can scan directly into MyFitnessPal to accurately track your diet and make losing fat easier

This recipe book will teach you how to prepare easy meals using fresh, whole foods. 

Some recipes are basic. Some are a little fancier...but you still won’t find it difficult to cook them. The majority of recipes take less than 30 mins to prepare and you’ll love devouring them.

These recipes are ideal for people who want to get healthier, lose fat, build fitness and improve their overall wellbeing.

So let's get cooking. Order your copy for just $7 today.

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30 Delicious and Healthy Vegetarian Fat Loss Recipes

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